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Optical flat mirrors and beam splitters


Optical flat mirrors

A flat mirror is a mirror whose reflective surface is a plane. In addition to optical flat mirrors, there are also concave and convex mirrors.A flat mirror allows you to observe objects placed in front of it, and these objects appear to be placed behind the mirror plane. It is typical for them to reflect radiation without distortion and form an image close to the genuine one.So, we get that an optical image is a picture formed as a result of light rays passing through the optical system, propagating from an object, and recreating its outlines and elements.

Optical beam splitters

A beam splitter is an optical device that splits a beam of light in two. This is a key role for most interferometers.In its most common form optical beam splitters, such as a cube, it is made of two triangular glass prisms that are glued at their base using polyester, epoxy, or urethane-based adhesives. The thickness of the resin layer is adjusted so that (for a specific wavelength) half of the light incident through one «port» (ie, the face of the cube) is reflected and the other half is transmitted due to the split total internal reflection. Polarizing beam splitters such as the Wollaston prism uses birefringent materials to split light into beams of differing polarization.

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Precision optics

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