Домой Для дома Bulk text messaging via SMS Gateway API

Bulk text messaging via SMS Gateway API


Often, many are faced with the need to send messages to several people at once. As a rule, it is important not to forget anyone here. Currently, among many people, various programs and applications for mass messaging are in great demand. They now exist in a very wide variety. So, now a special application SMS Gateway API is very popular. You can find this program at the link of the global Internet network https://www.intistele.com/api.

This link is a page of the official website of Intis Telecom. This firm has developed its own API for messaging. This application makes life much easier for the clients of this company. Main functions supported by SMS Gateway API:

• Sending group and single messages. With this program you can send one or several messages with unique parameters for each of them.

• Schedule messages. Generally, you don’t need to send messages right away here. Here they are created using the Bulk SMS API. This software package allows you to send content in those days and hours that are necessary for the client and satisfy the plans of subscribers.

• Request for information on delivery. Using the API of the SMS gateway provider, you can easily find out if the message was delivered to a specific subscriber.

• HLR Requests. With this application, you can constantly update your subscriber base. Here, HLR requests allow you to set the status of subscriber numbers, as well as get information about whether they are active or not, blocked or not served. Here you can also get detailed information about whether subscribers are in their home network or in roaming.

• Requests of subscribers for identification of numbers. Using the SMS Gateway API application, you can easily determine which operator the number of a particular subscriber belongs to in the shortest possible time. As a rule, in this application, such information is available when making the simplest request.

• Detailed information on prices. When using this application, you can find out the prices for sending messages to a specific subscriber.


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